Container Conversions
Used shipping container conversions

Used shipping steel containers are custom converted into various useful configurations to suit your specific needs, providing you with quick space almost immediately.

From the selection below you will be able to picture exactly what form you want your shipping container to be converted into.

  • Container access security control centres

  • Container ablutions - toilets, urinals, wash basins, showers or combinations thereof

  • Container changerooms with or without showers and toilets

  • Container clinics

  • Container canteens

  • Container classrooms

  • Container conference rooms

  • Container computer rooms

  • Container coldrooms

  • Container freezer rooms

  • Container blast freezers

  • Container homes

  • Container diners

  • Container dormitories

  • Container guard houses with toilet facilities

  • Shipping containers converted into granny flats

  • Container hospital shelters

  • Container kitchens

  • Container libraries

  • Container laboratories

  • Container phone shops

  • Refrigerated reefer containers

  • Refurbished shipping containers

  • Container sales offices

  • Shipping containers converted into site offices that can be air conditioned with insulated panels and partitioned into seperate offices per your requirements

  • Container spaza shops

  • Secure container storage facilities with or without shelving and racking

  • Container tuckshops

  • Container temporary site accommodation

With insulated walls and ceilings, partitions, doors, windows, air-conditioners, vinyl flooring, carpet tiles, cupboards, shelving, db boards, plugs and light fittings being just some of the options that can be provided, used steel shipping containers can be converted into virtually any configuration you desire.

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